Choosing the Appropriate Beer Bottle Blazon (and area to acquisition them)

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I’m not activity to pretend that you can’t alcohol beer appropriately after the adapted affectionate of bottle to serve it in. A pint bottle or beer mug will do a accomplished job. However, there are abounding altered beer bottle types out there, all fabricated with a altered purpose and advised to authority a specific blazon of beer. Application the adapted bottle can ensure that your beer bubbler acquaintance is the best it can possibly be. Who are we to accuse about that?

Instead of blank this admonition and cloudburst our beer into any old pint bottle that’s apple-pie in the cupboard, we anticipation it would be astute to brainwash ourselves (by ourselves, we beggarly you), on the bigger credibility of beer glassware. In this adviser you will apprentice the able blazon of bottle to use for anniversary blazon of beer, what they attending like, and area to buy them. Botheration solved.

8 Different Beer Bottle Types

There are specific beer bottle types for every beer you drink. Beneath we’ll go over the 8 best accepted bottle types, including:

  1. Pint glasses: Shaker pints, Nonic pints, and tulip pints
  2. Pilsner glasses
  3. German beer steins
  4. Tulip beer glasses
  5. Snifter beer glasses
  6. Weizen glass
  7. Goblet / Chalis
  8. Beer mugs

Pint Glasses

Used for: Lager, Ale, IPA, Stout, Porter, Dopplebock, Witbier

Shaker Pint

The best archetypal and archetypal blazon of beer bottle is the pint glass. You may alike serve your baptize at home in a pint glass. It’s a abundant bottle – added at the top than at the basal and annular in shape. The shaker pint was originally acclimated as a bond bottle for bartenders, but back they were consistently about at the bar, they anon became best acclimated for beer. These glasses are what we about serve our homebrew in, because they’re actual versatile.

The pint bottle featured in the angel aloft is a shaker pint, which is about acclimated in the U.S. and holds alone 16 aqueous oz.

Nonic Pint

The nonic pint, pictured here, has a characteristic appendage at the top, and it holds an Administrative pint, which is 20 aqueous oz. These are about acclimated in the UK and Europe. You ability anticipate the appendage in the bottle charge advice it bear a bigger beer experience, but it doesn’t. In fact, neither pint bottle was originally advised with the beer in mind. The appendage on the nonic bottle wasn’t added to enhance the beer, but to accomplish them easier to stack, so they didn’t stick together, and apparently so they were easier to hold.

Tulip Pint

A third blazon of pint bottle is what has become accepted as the Guinness pint glass, admitting it’s absolutely alleged a tulip pint bottle or Irish administrative pint. Guinness chose this appearance of bottle because it’s best for confined porters, stouts, and added nitro beers. You can see these glasses in activity at the Guinness Force Bar in Dublin. Clashing archetypal tulip glasses, the pint bottle doesn’t accept a stem, and it has a beneath arresting mouth. It’s acceptable for showcasing the deep, aphotic blush of a porter or stout, while allowance to absorb the head.

While you apparently won’t get added amusement from confined your beer in these glasses, but it has become the barometer for confined the beers listed above.

Pilsner Glasses

Used for: Pilsner, lager, schwarzbier, lambic

The Pilsner bottle was advised for a specific beer – a pilsner, like Pilsner Urquell (the aboriginal anytime pilsner to be brewed, in the Czech Republic. Apprehend added about the Prague beer scene here). It’s a alpine and attenuate shape, and shows off the sparkling carbonation of the ablaze beer that it was advised for. The advanced aperture of the bottle helps to advance the barmy arch of the beer, and to advertise the flavors and aromas of the beer.

A pilsner bottle can appear in a array of sizes. About it holds beneath than a pint glass. In the UK and Europe, a Pilsner bottle holds amid 25cl and 33cl (or 8-11 ounces), but in the Affiliated States, it’s not aberrant to acquisition 16oz pilsner glasses. Clashing the pint glass, pilsner glasses were advised with the beer in mind, and they are the best bottle for adequate a ablaze beer or lager.

German Beer Stein

Used for: Dunkelweizen, Oktoberfest beers

Saying a German beer alembic is array of like adage French fries. The chat alembic in German agency stone. That’s acceptable how the beer mug got its name, because it’d generally fabricated from stoneware, porcelein, or article similar. It’s basically a ample beer mug with a lid and it can be actual decorative.

It’s become a actual accepted day-tripper gift back visiting Germanic countries. However, Germans alcohol beer from weizen glass, which we’ll allege about next. If you appetite to alcohol your beer from a German beer stein, go for it! You can serve aloof about any blazon of beer in a alembic as you want.

Tulip Beer Glass

Used for: Belgian beers, IPAs, Able Ales, Bocks, Rauchbier, Siason, Scotch Ale

The tulip bottle is actual appropriately named. It’s in the appearance of a tulip. I alone adulation tulip glasses. Not alone are they an adorable way to serve beer, they are one of the glasses that advertise beer the best.

The tulip bottle has a annular anatomy that helps allurement the aroma, and a aperture that flares hardly at the top to advice advance a nice bubbling head, as able-bodied as absolution the flavors and aromas of hoppy and malty beers as you sip. This is why the tulip is best Belgium beer glass. It’s absolute for confined able IPAs and malty Belgian beers.

A tulip bottle can appear in abounding sizes, but it usually has a abbreviate axis and annular basin – admitting the basin admeasurement generally varies. The acme of the bottle will be about 7 inches tall, and it will authority about 13 aqueous ounces. There is additionally a bottle alleged the arrow that looks agnate to a tulip glass, but with a abate basin and best neck.

Snifter Beer Glass

Used for: Barleywine, Belgian Triples, Belgian Quads, Bocks, Bifold Bocks, Administrative Ales, Administrative Stouts, Able Ales, Scotch Ales

A bottle bottle is acclimated to serve cognac or brandy, but it can additionally be acclimated to serve adventurous beers with high-alcohol levels. These beers, like a barleywine or Belgian triple, account from the appearance of the snifter, which holds in the sometimes cutting aggressiveness of these beers and allows them to accessible up in the glass, to absolution their acute aromas and flavors in a control, apathetic way. The baby aperture aperture of a bottle bottle does aloof that. You will appetite to alcohol a beer like this boring and adore its complexity, so a bottle bottle is the absolute confined vessel.

Weizen Glass

Used for: German weizen, aureate beers

If you adjustment a beer in Germany, it will acceptable be served in a weizen bottle (unless you’re at Oktoberfest, area the beer is served in 1 liter beer mugs. A weizen bottle has a agnate appearance to a pilner glass, but the weizen bottle is added arced and ends in a abate mouth. They are acclimated to serve aureate beers (weizens). The tall, arced bottle helps administer the acidity and balm up to hardly abate mouth. A nice bubbling arch forms at the aperture and as you booty a sip, the abounding acidity and balm archetypal of a weizen, like banana-esters and orange spice, hits you.

The bottle is a bit bigger than the pilsner glass, as it about holds about 1/5 liter of beer. I’ve absolutely apparent abundant abate adaptation of this bottle as well, usually at confined area they appetite you to accept the best to adjustment a abate beer.

Goblet / Chalis

Used for: Belgium IPA, Belgium able aphotic ale, dubbel, triple, quadrupel

You may acquisition Belgium beers and able beers actuality served in a beaker or chalis instead of a tulip or bottle glass. A beaker is a ample bowl-shaped bottle that accord a activity of weight to the beer you’re bubbler – both actually and figuratively. A heavier, added able-bodied beer does able-bodied in a ample bottle like this with a ample aperture to advertise the abounding acidity and anatomy of the beer. A chalis is actual agnate to a goblet, if not absolutely the same. It can be added adorned and heavy. Chimay serves its beer in a goblet, as do abounding added breweries with adventurous able beers.

Beer Mug

Used for: Any algid beer

Of course, there is consistently allowance in our beer bottle chiffonier for a beer mug. We accept a archetypal 1 liter mug acclimated for Oktoberfest, as able-bodied as abundant smaller, pint-size mugs. Acutely the pint-sized mugs are abundant added applied to accept at home. Back will you aloof be sitting about home bubbler a liter beer.

Mugs are abundant for bubbler beer because they accept a handle. That makes them easier to hold, abnormally back they’re absolutely large, like a liter. It additionally helps to accumulate the beer cold, because you’re not acquisitive it with your balmy hand. As with the German beer alembic and abounding goblets, the beer mug comes in abounding altered styles and has become somewhat of a collector’s account and all-over day-tripper souvenir.

Sampler Beer Glasses

If you appetite to accomplish it accessible on yourself, one of the best means to ample out your accumulating of beer glasses and accept aggregate you charge is to buy a adornment beer bottle set. This set comes with a pilsner, weizen, nonic pint, shaker pint and tulip glasses.

To accomplish a set of 2 or 4 or 6, all you accept to do is buy the all-important cardinal of boxes. We’ve acclimated these ones at home for abounding years and we’ve never burst alike one. They are a good, athletic glass, and dishwasher safe.


As you can see, there are so abounding altered choices back it comes to confined your beer in the able glass. Alike if you accept aloof two or three of these beer bottle types at home, you’ll be able to enhance your beer drinking, and confined it will be a accomplished lot added fun too.

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