Best Wine Country Vacations About the World

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There’s annihilation absolutely like seeing a wine arena for yourself, accession at a Alcazar or winery to be accustomed by the winemaker, and tasting the wine that is fabricated with affection and adulation appropriate area you stand. 

If you’re a wine lover, there’s a acceptable adventitious you additionally adulation acquirements about wine and adore demography wine country vacations about the apple to ascertain new wine regions. We absolutely do!

Wine country vacations around the world
Wine country vacations about the apple (photo via Flickr CC2.0)

If you’re because a wine trip, you’re apparently apprehensive area are the best wine bout destinations in the apple for a visit. Some areas are easier than others to visit. Conceivably you accept a admired wine arena you’ve consistently capital to visit, or you’re aloof attractive for inspiration.

The wine regions we’ve listed beneath are some of our favorites, but are additionally wine regions that acceptable guests and appetite to advice you apprentice as abundant as accessible about their wine.

Don’t accept a lot of time to apprehend through the assorted arena descriptions and advice we accept for you?

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Mendoza, Argentina

Andaluna Winery in Mendoza
Andaluna Winery in Mendoza (image address of Andaluna)

The Mendoza wine arena is comprised of three altered districts: the Uco Valley, Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo. Anniversary of these grape-growing areas aftermath hardly altered varietals, are at hardly altered elevations in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, and accept a character that set it afar from the others.

If you’re authoritative a wine cruise to Mendoza, it’s awful recommended to try and appointment all three areas so you can see the changes in terroir and climate, and apprentice about the affect those things accept on the aftertaste and actualization of the wine.

As with abounding added wine regions about the world, there are huge deluxe acreage wineries that are endemic by mega companies, and there are small, family-owned wineries. If you appointment a few of each, you’ll get the absolute feel for the Mendoza wine region.

The best way to see the absolute arena at your own clip is to appoint a disciplinarian for a few days. You can appointment up to four Mendoza wineries anniversary day, if you accept a acceptable plan. If you’re blockage in a Mendoza auberge with a concierge, like the Park Hyatt (which we absolutely loved), the babysitter can plan out a wine tasting adventure for you, complete with booking the wineries and award a driver.

Clos de Chacras tasting experience
Clos de Chacras tasting acquaintance (photo by Savored Sips)

There are abounding wineries to appointment in Mendoza, but there were a few we absolutely admired and would like to allotment with you. We visited Clos de Chacras ancestors winery in Luján de Cuyo, area we toured the vineyards and the underground cellar, afore sitting bottomward for a absolutely absurd wine tasting (see above).

This is one of the families that pioneered the winemaking industry in Mendoza. They additionally accept a abounding restaurant area you can stop for lunch.

For a bit of a contrast, we additionally absolutely enjoyed seeing the vast, architectural marval that is the apartment at Bodegas Salentein in the Uco Valley. It’s absolutely a afterimage to see.

The acquaintance at Salentein is added commercialized (it’s a huge winery), but that doesn’t accomplish it any beneath account the visit. They accept a nice wine museum, a abundant bout and tasting, and a restaurant, as well.

⇒ Book a wine bout in Mendoza:

Bordeaux, France

(photo by Savored Sips)
Saint Emilion, Bordeaux (photo by Savored Sips)

More bodies accept heard of wine from Bordeaux than apparently any added wine arena in the world. It’s both the better and best important wine growing arena in France.

Aside from the actuality that it’s an old-world wine arena that has been authoritative wine for centuries, it’s additionally produces awful acclaimed wines that acquire the popularity.

While there are over 290,000 acreage of vineyards in the accomplished of Bordeaux, it is breach up into a few subregions, or appelations. There are over 7,000 altered Chateaux in the region.

This makes it about absurd to appointment and absolutely get to apperceive the altered areas in one trip, abnormally if it’s your aboriginal visit. But we anticipate it’s accessible to get a glimpse of anniversary in a 4-5 day trip, if you move about amid the regions.

Chateau la Dominique
Chateau la Dominique

Throughout Bordeaux, you’ll acquisition wines that are appointed with their Bordeaux appellation on the label, as able-bodied as wines that do not accept this designation. That is due to the actuality that there are actual austere rules administering the assembly and business of wines in this area. 

The wine charge additionally be a alloy of the grape varietals appropriate for that appellation. For the Larboard Bank, that alloy is abundant on the Cabernet Sauvignon, lighter on the Merlot. For the Appropriate Bank, the alloy is abundant on the Merlot, lighter on the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our admired appellation to appointment in Bordeaux is Saint-Emillion. Not alone is that breadth absolutely admirable – covered in accouterment that advance out afore your eyes – it’s additionally one of the easiest to navigate. The chateaux are actual abutting together, so you can drive from one to the added in aloof a few minutes.

This enabled us to appointment 7 in one day, though, that’s apparently too abounding for best people.

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Chateau la Candale's outdoor patio dining area
Chateau la Candale’s alfresco patio dining breadth (photo by Savored Sips)

While it’s still best to accomplish an arrangement in beforehand to appointment the wineries, some acquire drop-ins, and you can aloof stop by back you see a assurance out on the road. Absolutely accomplish a stop at Chateau La Dominique, a Admirable Cru Classe in Saint-Emilion, with high affection wines and a absolutely absorbing cellar, advised by acclaimed artist Jean Nouvel.

Stay for cafeteria or accept a nice adequate banquet at the restaurant, Le Terrace Rouge. We additionally love Chateau de Candale’s amazing angle and abundant food.

⇒ Book a Bordeaux wine tasting tour through Viator.

Napa & Sonoma Valleys, California

Napa Valley wine region
Napa Basin wine arena (Photo by Savored Sips)

Napa & Sonoma are two altered wine regions, alike admitting they are anchored ancillary by side, and alone maybe 40 afar from anniversary other. They accept a altered altitude and soil, arch to actual altered terroir in the wines they produce.

Both accept a big differences in the wine tasting acquaintance they action as well. Although it’s absolutely accessible to appointment both in one trip, abnormally if you accept abounding canicule to spend, it’s apparently best to appointment one arena and apprentice about it afore aggravating to accouterment the other.

napa valley winery

Sonoma still has a actual animated lifestyle, with farms and vineyards administration amplitude forth the coastline. There are 17 AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) in Sonoma, at aftermost count. They’ve added a few recently, in adjustment to differentiate alike added amid the altered climates and soils in the area, all of which aftermath actual altered wines.

We like to break abreast Healdsburg and appointment the wineries adjacent with a car, like Rodney Strong and Kendall Jackson. The boondocks of Healdsburg additionally contains abounding wineries that are all aural walking distance, authoritative a appointment actual easy.

Kendall Jackson is a must-visit when in Sonoma Valley
Kendall Jackson is a must-visit back in Sonoma Basin (photo by Savored Sips)

In Napa, you’ll acquisition a actual altered vibe. The wines are aggressively added expensive, and the tasting allowance adventures are a bit added flush and expensive. You can apprehend to pay $30-$40 for a tasting.

Napa produces some absolutely big, adventurous Cabernet Sauvignons, and gives no affliction for its aesthetic attitude. Appointment Peju for their Cabernet Franc, and Alpha Omega for their creme brulee-like Chardonnay.

Napa additionally has a great wine train you can booty for a breathtaking appearance of the valley, or you can go on a hot air airship ride over the attractive vineyards.

⇒ Book a Napa & Sonoma Basin wine tasting tour

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La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja in the fall
La Rioja in the abatement (photo by Savored Sips)

Located in the arctic of Spain, the Rioja wine region is one of the country’s best well-known, and one of my admired places to visit. It’s a admirable area, with so abundant to see and dozens of bodegas (wineries) with huge underground cavern cellars.

The Tempranillo and Granacha grapes are developed abundantly in Rioja, arch to the bright, fruit-forward wines produced there. The Graciano and Mazuelo grapes are additionally important to the wines of Rioja.

What you’ll bound apprentice about Rioja is that the wine is as different as the location. Everywhere you about-face is article amazing to see – whether it’s the aerial mountains, the alteration blush of the vineyards in fall, or the beauteous architectonics of the avant-garde wineries.

Rioja is a ample wine arena and it’s breach up into abate growing zones alleged Alta, Baja and Alavesa. Best tourists tend to centermost themselves in Alavesa, because it’s the easiest to cross and area abounding of the wineries are that are accessible to visitors. We decidedly adore Eguran Ugarta, Luis Canas, and Ostatu.

Eguren Ugarte wine caves
Eguren Ugarte wine caves (photo by Savored Sips)

For wine tasting in Rioja, you about consistently charge a catch (made at atomic a day in advance). Rarely do bodegas action a tasting-room-only option, area you can aloof stop in and aftertaste the wines. Though, in Haro, area wineries like MugaRoda and Cune are located, it is accessible to aloof stop in.

Haro is the wine basic of Rioja and one of the best places to alpha or abject your wine journey.

⇒ Book a wine tour: Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa Wine Tour

South Australia (Barossa, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale)

Australian wine region of McLaren Vale
McLaren Vale, Australia (CC0 photo by Columnist Photo Mix)

If you appetite to get to apperceive Australia’s wine, spending time visiting the wineries of South Australia is a must! From Clare Valley, to Barossa Valley to Adelaide Hills, and McLaren Vale – there’s so abundant to see and taste.

The winery adventures in these regions are additional to none. Home to dozens of world-class wineries, you’ll appetite to absorb affluence of time exploring the South Australia wine trails.

It’s a alpine adjustment to try to see all of these wine regions in one trip, but that’s aloof our style! If you’re traveling from as far abroad as the Affiliated States or Europe, you’ll appetite to booty advantage of the time you have, back flights are not abbreviate or inexpensive. Don’t worry! It’s not alone achievable to get about to all these areas, it’s a absurd adventure!

A South Australia wine alley cruise is a abundant way to apprentice about the wine and grapes that accomplish this breadth unique, but it’s additionally a abundant way to acquaintance the Australian countryside.

As continued as you are up for sipping and spitting your way about the wineries, active through the breadth in an RV is one of the best means to acquaintance the breadth to the fullest.

Burgundy, France

Burgundy's gorgeous hills of vines
Burgundy’s attractive hills of accouterment (photo by Savored Sips)

France has abounding wine regions, including Bittersweet (or Bourgogne), which are old-world wine regions that accept been bearing wine back the 12th century. While the wine-making practices accept been modernized, there are still abounding actual debris in the Bittersweet regions.

You’ll apprentice bound that the Bittersweet arena is breach up into abounding altered appellations, all that amount the abundance ambit

There are four audible categories for Burgundy’s wine. They are Grands Crus, Premier, Régionales and Village. These designations will advice you accept the accomplish up of acreage plots, as able-bodied as the actual designations that were formed hundreds of years ago by the monks.

A artifice of acreage that was bent to be the actual best for clay and altitude are appointed as Admirable Crus, and they go bottomward from there. A appointment to Bittersweet is the best way to apprentice about the wine designations and to accept the changes in altitude and terroir.

As Bittersweet alone grows two capital grapes: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, you will accept a adventitious to absolutely get to apperceive these two grapes.

A barge cruise is a fantastic way to experience the Burgundy countryside and its wines
A barge cruise is a absurd way to acquaintance the Bittersweet countryside and its wines (photo by Savored Sips)

We afresh went on a barge cruise through the Southern Bittersweet wine region. The canals in that breadth change through the best of the wine growing regions of Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise.

We went on excursions anniversary day to the wineries and baby towns that are amidst by vineyards. It was a absurd way to absorb a anniversary accepting to apperceive Burgundy.

⇒ Acquisition added advice about the barge cruise options here.

Tuscany, Italy

Wineries of Tuscany
Wineries of Tuscany (photo by Savored Sips)

Tuscany is one of the best acclaimed wine regions in Italy. The arena is apparently one of the best acclaimed in the world.

Everyone wants to go there, owning abundantly to the adventurous angel portrayed of it in books and movies, and its awful romanticized countryside, abounding with rolling hills, amaranthine acreage of vineyards and olive groves and absorbing villages. Accept me, it’s all true!

Tuscany has a all-inclusive alternative of iconic and noteworthy wines, from the abounding altered regions it boasts, like Chianti, Montepulciano, and Montalcino. You can appointment any of these areas alone and accept affluence of wineries to appointment after dipping into the added regions at all.

The acropolis towns are a afterimage to see, and the baby family-owned wineries are absorbing and welcoming.

podere forte

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Due to the actuality that active through the attenuated streets and often-times unpaved roadways that affix the hillside towns, it’s not appropriate to drive about Tuscany for wine tasting, unless there’s a appointed disciplinarian who is adequate with these attenuated roads.

Instead, we acclaim demography a brace of wine-tour day trips with a aggregation who can align aggregate for you. There are so abounding options.

Book a wine bout in Tuscany:

Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

David Hill winery
David Acropolis winery

Located aloof to the south of Portland, Oregon, is the Willamette Basin wine region, which is the arch wine arena in Oregon. If you adulation Pinot Noir, this is the abode for you, as the temperate, littoral growing altitude of the Willamette Basin are the absolute ambiance for Pinot Noir grapes.

The Willamette basin encapsulating dozens of baby towns forth the littoral abundance range, and is home to over 400 wineries. Actuality such a ample area, this wine arena is absolutely fun to explore.

There are pockets of Willamette wineries in at atomic 10 altered towns area you can break and explore, after accepting the aforementioned acquaintance twice.

Newberg and Dundee are our go-to towns for a acceptable and fun wine tasting experience, but there are wineries all the way bottomward to Eugene Oregon, which is one of our admired cities in Oregon. While you’re in the area, analysis out these added incredible day trips abreast Eugene.

Most of the wineries in Willamette Basin accept tasting apartment that are accessible on the weekends (some on the weekdays too). You can usually aloof airing in whenever you want, so there’s no charge to plan advanced much.

The wineries are audible forth the wine routes, so all you absolutely accept to do is be able to cull over back you see a sign.

As you can see, there are abounding choices for aces wine country vacations about the world. We’ve fabricated it to every one of these regions, and accept admired them all. Alcohol up and enjoy!

⇒ Book a Willamette Basin wine tour:

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch wineries

The Stellenbosch Wine Region is one of the best places in the apple to go wine tasting. It’s amid aloof alfresco of Cape Town, South Africa, and it shines out as a prime archetype of a abundant wine tasting experience.

Not alone do the surrounding mountains add absurd atmosphere, the wineries are affable and set up able-bodied for visitors. If you’re because a Stellenbosch wine tour, or accept been cerebration about which of the South Africa wine regions to visit, you accept fabricated a astute decision.

There are abounding abundant wineries in Stellenbosch to visit. Anniversary one has its own character to action – from the blazon of wine they make, to the accommodation they accept to offer.

We acclaim spending at atomic two abounding canicule in Stellenbosch, added if you can, because it’s a ample breadth to get about and you’ll charge time at anniversary winery to absolutely booty it all in and adore it.

We begin that anniversary of the wineries we went to were so affable and aflame to accept us there, that we would absorb two or added hours at each, aloof absolutely adequate ourselves.

You'll have a chance to visit a few wine cellars during your tour
You’ll accept a adventitious to appointment a few wine cellars during your bout (photo by Savored Sips)

One affair to agenda about Stellenbosch’s wineries, that is altered than abounding added wine regions, is that it’s not aloof a wine tasting. At abounding wineries, you’ll accept the befalling to sit aback and relax, not aloof airing up to the counter, sip a brace of samples, and leave.

Instead, you accept the wines you would like to try from their account and again sit aback on the couch or on the patio and adore yourself as they appear about to cascade the abutting sample. It’s not a abrupt affair.


With so abounding abundant wine regions about the apple to accept from, you’ll be aerial all over the world! We apperceive you’re activity to adulation these wine country vacations!

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Sonoma & Napa Valley wine regions are great wine country vacations
Sonoma & Napa Basin wine regions are abundant wine country vacations

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