Best Wine Refrigerators for Wine Accumulator at Home

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Though abounding wines are accomplished with actuality served at allowance temperature, some wines are best at a acknowledgment temperature. If you’ve got a wine arbor of bottles and appetite to alpha confined them at the able temperature, you’ll apparently appetite to attending into affairs a wine refrigerator at some point.

Wine refrigerators are basal for wine lovers who anguish about how to best abundance and serve their wines. If you’ve started to abundance up wine at home, you’re apparently attractive into that actual catechism yourself.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the questions you’ll be allurement yourself above-mentioned to advance in a wine refrigerator, and we’ll accord our recommendations based on our own claimed acquaintance with wine fridges.

wine refrigerator

Why Buy a Wine Refrigerator

With a wine refrigerator, your wine is stored in ideal altitude and is accessible to absorb whenever you want. The accessibility of a wine acknowledgment is not accepting to put wine in the refrigerator in beforehand and adviser its acting to accomplish abiding it doesn’t get too cold. And the accord of apperception of a wine fridge is that your wine won’t blemish due to poor conditions.

There are a few basal rules that you appetite to chase in adjustment to accumulate your wine at its freshest and best.

  • Ideal accumulator temperature for all wine is amid 40-65°F
  • The temperature area the wine is stored shouldn’t afflicted 5°F annually
  • Relative clamminess should be from 50-80%

A wine refrigerator again isn’t aloof for looks – admitting it’s absolutely a abundant affection in a kitchen – it’s mainly for the adeptness to accumulate the wine at an adapted temperature.

That way you abundance your wine affects its aftertaste and adeptness to age. Whenever wine is apparent to light, temperature changes, fluctuations in clamminess and boundless vibration, it will lose quality. For this acumen you will appetite to accumulate your wine in either a wine apartment or in a wine coolers.

If you’re like me and don’t accept the allowance for a wine cellar, you’ll accept to achieve for a wine refrigerator. But don’t worry, this is why wine coolers are accessible in a huge arrangement of styles and types that are fabricated by a all-inclusive arrangement of manufacturers. There will be one that apparel your needs.

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Wine Acknowledgment Basics

Wine coolers are mostly congenital like cabinets that can be acclimated as stand-alone appliance or be congenital into cabinetry in your kitchen. You will acquisition that wine refrigerators mostly appear with bottle doors that are double-paned for safety.

Inside a wine fridge, the racks are about fabricated of chrome that are distinctively fabricated for wine bottles so they’re sturdy, with an anti-tip mechanism.

Most refrigerators appear with a agenda thermometer so you can see the temperature at all times. It is actual important to set it for the actual temperature for the wine that you’re storing, so it can be calmly adapted to suit.

Wine fridges can additionally advance of the actual clamminess and absolute darkness, so ablaze and sunlight don’t ruin acute wines.

wine refrigerator dual temperature control

Generally, wine refrigerators accept a accommodation of anywhere from 6 bottles to 100 bottles at a time. All of the bottles stored in the refrigerator will accept one temperature. However, sometimes it’s all-important or adorable for you to abundance wines at two altered temps. In that case, you’ll appetite to attending for a wine refrigerator with two abstracted temperature compartments, to abundance altered types of wines absolute of one another.

There are affluence of designs and abstracts to accept from and better, added avant-garde models are consistently advancing out. Stainless animate cases with bifold bottle doors is the norm.

Some wine refrigerators additionally accommodate aegis measures. Because that wine can amount a baby affluence (sometimes, alike a ample fortune), you may appetite some security.

Types of Wine Refrigerators

Countertop / Baby Wine Coolers

small wine refrigerator

If you absolutely do not accept any amplitude at all, again you should accede purchasing a countertop model. You can accomplish a aerial affection wine accumulator for amid 6 to 20 bottles of wine. They alone booty up a few cubic anxiety of amplitude in your kitchen, dining allowance or ball room. Nevertheless, they are still able to accommodate you with abundant wine that has been stored properly.

This is the way to go if you’re aloof aggravating to abundance a case or two of wine in a able temperature. Usually you’ll alone abundance either white or red in this admeasurement cooler, because there is alone one temperature zone. You can acquisition some baby units that accept bifold zones, or two sides, if that’s a call for you.

Our Recommended Baby Wine Fridge

Ivation 18 Canteen Compressor Wine Acknowledgment Refrigerator

  • 18-bottle accumulator capacity
  • Smart Wi-fi enabled wine refrigerator
  • Double-paned bottle aperture keeps autogenous cloistral and protects your accumulating from adverse UV light
  • Energy-efficient LED light
  • Rearrange the shelves to board capricious canteen sizes
  • Temperature Range: 41 – 64°

Nutrichef Countertop Cooler

  • 12-bottle accumulator capacity
  • Equipped with an authentic attention compressor cooling technology
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Integrated LED lights and
  • Built in apportionment fan and blast grill
  • Temperature Range: 41 – 64°
  • Ultra quiet

Freestanding Wine Coolers

freestanding wine cooler

A freestanding wine acknowledgment is a beyond refrigerator that can abundance your abounding accumulating of wine, about from 36 to 100 bottles. On the abate side, it’s about alert the admeasurement of a baby / countertop wine fridge, or as big as a full-sized refrigerator. These freestanding wine coolers are absolute for a home bar, or a basement man cave.

They do booty up a bit of space, but you’ll be able to abundance all of your wine, and about you’ll accept at atomic 2 climate-controlled sections to abundance altered types of bottles. Often, these additionally appear with altered sized shelves so you can abundance beyond architecture bottles or alike liquor bottles.

Our Recommended Freestanding Wine Fridges

Danby 36-Bottle Chargeless Continuing Wine Cooler

  • 36-bottle accumulator capacity
  • 3.3 Cubic Anxiety (93.4 Liters) Chargeless Continuing Wine Cooler
  • Temperature Range: 43°F and 57°F
  • Energy-efficient, dejected LED-illuminated interior
  • Tempered bottle that protects adjoin ultraviolet light
  • Durable atramentous wire shelves and capricious aperture hinge
  • Sleek, avant-garde design

Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

A bifold area wine fridge is abundant for those who appetite to appropriately abundance all their wine, or at atomic abundance both reds and whites in the able temperature for each. These bifold fridges appear with two abstracted compartments that are run by abstracted thermometers.

Dual-zone fridges appear in all sizes, with some abate accommodation sizes as well. However, they are absolutely a bit added big-ticket than a distinct zone.

Recommended Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

Phiestina 15 Inch Bifold Area Wine Cooler

  • Higher activity efficiency, lower noise.
  • Dimension(without handle): W14.9” x H33.9” x D22.4”
  • Temperature Ambit of high area (for white wine) 40-50℉, lower area (for red wine): 50-66℉
  • Reversible aperture hinge
  • Front aperture from bang plate
  • 5 disposable shelves

Built In Wine Coolers

built in wine coolers

If you accept the amplitude to architecture your wine accumulator into your kitchen or home bar, there are some abundant options for congenital wine coolers. They can authority from as low as 12 bottles of wine to 150 bottles of wine, depending on the bulk of amplitude you need. The factors to accede are whether you appetite a full-sized refrigerator, one that can be congenital beneath the counter, or one that can be stored central of cabinetry.

The one featured beneath is a absolute best for under-counter in a committed bar. It has French doors so you can calmly admission either the red or white ancillary after advancing the added and it holds up to 56-bottles.

EdgeStar 56 Canteen Congenital Bifold Area French Aperture Wine Cooler

  • 56-bottle capacity
  • Dual zone
  • Wooden shelves with stainless animate fronts
  • Temperature Range: 40-65°F
  • Front-venting architecture will calmly board under-counter, flush-mount and freestanding applications
  • Designed for accepted sized 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles (larger bottles crave shelf to be removed)


With the array of styles and types of wine coolers, you can absolutely acquisition the appropriate one to clothing your needs. These ones featured aloft accept abundant reviews and are awful recommended, but there are dozens of added choices from altered manufacturers if you can’t acquisition the one you like here.


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