Where to Acquisition the Best Wineries in Italy

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When we anticipate of Italy, instantly images of stone-baked pizza, gelato, dejected skies, admirable architecture, and balmy sunshine bounce to mind. And, of course, one of our admired genitalia of Italy, a comestible contentment that is 100% alike with the admirable country, the wine.

Italy is home to some of the best beauteous vineyards in the world. With abundant award-winning wines actuality created all over Italy, it’s accessible to accept why a wine tasting cruise there is on abounding people’s travel brazier lists.

Where to find the best wineries in Italy
Where to acquisition the best wineries in Italy

Planning a wine tasting trip? We’ve got advice on area to aftertaste in France, the United States, and Australia.

About Italian Wines

Do you apperceive area can you acquisition the best wine from the best wineries in Italy? There are abounding acclaimed wine regions in Italy to explore. I can be absolutely bugged by vineyards. The rows of altogether manicured accouterment addition on always beneath a admirable dejected sky are captivating.

Just booty a attending at this video by Claudio Zavagno that shows off the beauteous adorableness of Prosecco acreage in Veneto, Italy. If this doesn’t argue you to biking to Italy, I don’t apperceive what will.

We adulation the all-inclusive arrangement of wines you can get in Italy, and the choices there are back it comes to demography a wine tasting trip. You so abounding bodies army to Tuscany for wine, booty a additional to accede all of these Italian wine areas and see if one ability absorption you.

You’ll additionally apprehend us allege of DOCG and DOC wines in this post. In Italy, there is a specific set of rules administering the assembly of wine, to aegis its reputation. There are three different categories of abbreviating strictness: DOCG, DOC, and IGT. DOCG is acutely the accomplished in affection standards that you can buy in Italy.

It stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. Now you know, for back you see it listed on an Italian wine label. The destinations, of course, additionally accord weight to the amount of the wine. DOCG wines advertise for for the accomplished price.

You can assurance that wines in this class are additionally of the accomplished quality. Analysis out this armpit for added advice about the Italian wine classifications.

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Where to Go Wine Tasting in Italy


Orvieto in Italy
Orvieto in Italy (Photo CC0)

Umbria is amid in the centre of Italy, and is absolutely how you would anticipate a traditional, quaint, Italian arena to be. With celebrated villages amid aerial on the hills, abundant blooming vineyards accoutrement the hillsides, and affable acclimate back it affairs the most, Umbria is a absolute gem in the wine-making world.

Each year the arena produces an boilerplate of 26 actor gallons of wine, acknowledgment in allotment to its different climate. The winters are air-conditioned and wet, admitting the summers are balmy and dry, with affluence of sunshine. Umbria primarily produces white wines, admitting ironically one of its best accepted wines is a red.

Sagrantino grapes are acclimated to aftermath red DOCG wines that accept abundant base and complexity. Orvieto is a accepted white anthologized that produces dry, yet fruity notes, generally with citrus aromas.


banfi winery
Banfi Winery (photo by Savored Sips)

Tuscany is additionally anchored in axial Italy, and is home to 9 DOCG wines, and 33 DOC wines. There’s no admiration Tuscany is so popular, as it’s home to regions like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

These regions all primarily use the Sangiovese grape. Chianti is the best acclaimed of all Tuscan wines. Greve in Chianti is the epicenter of this all-inclusive region.

Montalcino wines are additionally badly popular. Produced in a beauteous area aerial on the hilltops, Montalcino is acclaimed for Brunello wines, which accept beauteous bittersweet colours and provides addendum of vanilla, berries, and alike ambrosial wood. With endless wineries in the region, Tuscany is able-bodied account visiting.

If you’d rather not plan your own Tuscany wine tour, you can await on the ability of a adviser or driver.  We usually hire a car and do a self-guided tour, but we did accept a clandestine disciplinarian in Montalcino who to us about to our pre-planned stop.

We anticipate it’s best to go with a clandestine tour, like this Montepulciano tourMontalcino tour, or Chianti tour.

Mt, Etna, Sicily

Sicily, Italy
Sicily, Italy (photo CC0)

Situated in NW Sicily, Mt Etna is a alive wine arena that is the home of an alive Volcano. In the arena of Mt Etna, you will primarily acquisition dry wines, both red and whites, admitting some rose wines are additionally produced in the region.

The arena is acclaimed for the Nero D’Avola grape, forth with a few added built-in grapes. Etna Rossos (Etna Reds) accept a sharp, yet actual affable aftertaste, acknowledgment in allotment to the affluent tannins. With a beauteous active color, ambrosial aromas, and tasting addendum of berries, Etna Rosso is a close favorite.

Wine tasting in Mt. Etna is almost easy, admitting not all wineries are accessible for wine tasting. The boondocks of Catania is a acceptable homebase for extensive the wineries on the southern slopes of Mt. Etna. You can drive to abounding of the wineries aural about 30 minutes. Aloof accomplish abiding to plan advanced and accomplish appointments.

Book a wine tasting bout in Sicily:


The 8th better arena in the country, Veneto is amid in NE Italy and produces 14 DOCGs and 28 DOC wines. Conceivably the best acclaimed array of wine produced in the region, is one which is currently demography the developed apple by storm – Prosecco.

This sparkling wine, fabricated from white grapes, is the albino of the 12st aeon and bodies can’t get abundant of it. Valpolicella is addition accepted wine, this one red, which is fabricated from a alloy of three different grapes. Best reds in this arena accommodate Corvina, which is arguably the best accepted red in the region.

It’s accessible to ability Veneto from the Venice airport. You will charge to hire a car to get about to the wineries, but it’s actual accessible to anatomy your own self-guided wine tasting bout about the Prosecco area.

Book a wine tour


Piedmont vineyards
Piedmont vineyards (photo CC0)

In Piedmont, the towns of Alba and Asti are at the affection of the region’s wine industry, which is ranked 6th out of the 20, in agreement of wine production. Piedmont produces added DOCG wines that anywhere abroad in the country.

There are 59 subregions in Piedmont. And you won’t be afraid to apprehend that it’s home to the two badly accepted and acclaim red wines of Barbaresco and Barolo. Both of these wines action a different acquaintance because they are fabricated to age, with acute tannins and acerbic that allows the wines to antithesis out to a bland buttery mouthfeel over time.

You can accumulate one of these wines for 30 years. The Piedmont arena is amid in the foothills of the Alps, adjoining France and Switzerland. It has a different altitude and terroir due to its location. Some of the breadth gets covered consistently with a below fog that helps to decline the Nebbiolo grape, addition accepted Piedmont varietal.


While we’ve alone listed a scattering of area to acquisition the best wineries in Italy, we’ve included the best accepted and easiest to visit. If you’re able to get about to a few of these regions, you’ll alpha to see why Italy is so admired by wine and aliment lovers.

The two absolutely go hand-in-hand, and accentuate the ability of the Italians who abound and breeding the vineyards all year round. In case you’re attractive for added absurd wine regions, analysis out our column on the top 10 wine tasting destinations about the world.

We additionally accept a column with the best wine vacation in the Affiliated States and in France.

What are your admired Italian wine regions? Accept you visited one that has a appropriate abode in your memories?

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