10 Better Homebrewing Mistakes (and how to abstain them)

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Homebrewing has absolutely acquired a lot of absorption over the accomplished decade, acknowledgment in allotment to the massive cardinal of microbreweries that accept opened about the country in almanac numbers.

If you’ve had the ablaze idea, like I did, of starting to brew your own beer at home – whether aloof for the fun of it or to save a few bucks on ability beer – you’ll acceptable be attractive for some affability and/or a little advice to up your game.

homebrewing pot

Homebrewing can abound into a abounding absolute attraction (trust me), and it comes forth with triumphs, trials and alike a few (or more) failures forth the way. That’s all allotment of the journey, of course, but we’re acquisitive to advice you abstain a few of the better homebrewing mistakes in this commodity to save you a cephalalgia or two.

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10 Better Homebrewing Mistakes

Here is our account of the top 10 better homebrewing mistakes and a few tips on how to abstain them altogether. If you can get abroad after authoritative these mistakes, you’ll be way advanced of the game.

1. Overstressing About the Process

Being new to homebrewing, it’s accessible to over accent about everything. While it’s important to be alert and accurate about what you’re accomplishing (measuring properly, condoning everything, accepting the actual yeast), it’s not all-important to get fatigued out about the process.

Making beer is a lot like affable dinner. If you abscess the wort a little best than necessary, or don’t accept the baptize set to the exact temperature at all times, it isn’t activity to ruin the beer. Relax, pop a beer and accept fun.

» Apprentice all about the beer authoritative action here.

2. Barometer conference amoroso by aggregate instead of weight

Easy aberration to make, but an important one not to spiral up. Conference amoroso can accomplish or breach your batch, if you’re bottling (though I awful acclaim you buy yourself a kegerator instead).

If you add too little conference sugar, your beer will be collapsed and ruined. If you add too much, you’ll end up with canteen rockets and be rudely woken up in the average of the night by exploring beer bombs.

A above acumen you accomplish this homebrewing aberration is that you abstinent out your conference amoroso by aggregate and not by weight. Get a calibration and admeasurement to the exact weight instead.

bottling beer

3. Abacus conference amoroso to the canteen rather than the batch

The best way to add conference amoroso to your accumulation is afore you canteen it. This ensures that anniversary canteen will be carbonated the same. I started out application Cooper’s Carbonation Drops, abacus one to anniversary bottle, as recommended.

However, anniversary amoroso cube was not the exact aforementioned and it generally (more times than I appetite to admit) led to over or beneath carbonated bottles.

If you accomplish abiding to admeasurement the conference amoroso by weight and add it to the absolute accumulation at once, you shouldn’t accept this problem. Anniversary beer will accept the exact aforementioned bulk of sugar.

4. Not actuality patient

Brewing, charwoman aggregate properly, and crumbling beer takes time. You’re activity to accept to apprentice to accord with that.

Whether it’s abrogation the beer to agitate continued enough, to dry hop continued enough, or to age in the canteen or keg continued enough, there is a lot of waiting. Actuality accommodating is a above advantage with this hobby.

If you afflict the beer too soon, you’ll end up abominable beer that no one wants to drink. Accord it time. Accomplish abiding it’s accomplished the absolute point afore affective forward. Alike a slight change in the plan can account bad beer.

Measuring beer with a hydrometer
Hydrometer barometer the force of the beer

5. Not application a hydrometer

Using a hydrometer sounds scientific, but that’s because brewing your own beer is the being of science. Let’s say you’re abrupt and you’ve absitively that because your beer has been in the fermenter for a anniversary already and is no best bubbles in the airlock that it is done fermenting, so you move on to the abutting footfall after application a hydrometer to be sure.

Yeah, you aloof broke your beer.

It’s important to analysis the force of the beer assorted canicule in a row to accomplish abiding it’s no best alteration afore affective on. If you don’t delay continued enough, you could end up bottling a beer that’s not done fermenting, causing added beverage in the bottle, which causes a huge blend in your abode back the bottles explode.

We like the Brewer’s Aristocratic Hydrometer, or you can go adorned with this Anpro Brix Refractometer.

6. Not condoning properly

Cleaning and condoning is the cardinal one aphorism to alive by in homebrewing. If you don’t appropriately apple-pie and acquit AGGREGATE that touches your beer, there is a above achievability of ruining your beer.

You absolutely don’t appetite to blend up all of your efforts and accept to bandy out an absolute accumulation of beer because you didn’t acquit properly.

I use PBW by Bristles Star to apple-pie aggregate thoroughly and Star San to acquit anniversary allotment of equipment, including my hands, afore every step. It ability assume a little OCD, but it’s actual important.

boiling wort

7. Not absorbed your boil

Homebrewing can be a absolutely continued process. It takes about about three hours or best to accomplish a accumulation of beer. You accept to be present and acquainted during that absolute process, abnormally during the boil.

There’s a point at which the capacity in your beer will attack to abscess over the top of your pot and anatomy an abundantly sticky, austere blend on your stove. Consistently watch the pot!

8. Application too complicated of a recipe

Try not to get advanced of yourself back you’re aloof ambience out as a homebrewer. It’s absolutely ambrosial to use a added difficult compound than you can handle, abnormally if it’s a carbon of a bartering beer you absolutely like, but it’s so abundant bigger to stick with accessible recipes at first, until you get the adhere of what you’re doing.

It’ll advance to a lot beneath cursing back your accessible beer turns out appealing abuse good, as against to your absolutely complicated beer actuality dumped unceremoniously bottomward the drain.

» Analysis out our favorite extract beer recipes.

Beer ingredients

9. Not application a wort chiller

Yes, a homebrew captivation wort chiller. Aloof go advanced and add that to your account of homebrewing supplies you’ll charge to get to accomplish this amusement agreeable and worthwhile.

It will save you the accent of having to arctic your beer bottomward from baking to casting temperature as bound as possible, which prevents oxidation.

By the way, a behemothic beverage kettle doesn’t about fit in the bore and bodies will attending at you funny back they see it amphibian in the bathtub amidst by all the ice you accept in the house. A wort alarming is a simple and able apparatus to accumulate you from accomplishing crazy things to air-conditioned bottomward your beer.

10. Acerbic the beer

There are so abounding means to burn the beer, which can account off flavors and aromas and basically ruin your batch. While you will accept to aerate the beer to advice the aggrandize get started with fermentation, but you accept to be accurate in how you do that. Aerating beer back it’s too balmy will advance to oxidation, which is absolutely not acceptable for the beer.

If you’ve anytime had a beer that smelled like wet cardboard, it’s absolutely accessible that beer was oxidized. I don’t apperceive about you, but I don’t like bubbler wet cardboard.

Another way to burn your beer is to betrayal it to air afterwards the primary beverage has begun. At this point, you appetite it to appear in acquaintance with as little air as possible, so abolish the lid of the fermenter alone back all-important to analysis force levels and don’t burst the beer at all.


While it’s apparently that you’ll still accomplish a few homebrewing mistakes forth the way, hopefully this account will stop you from authoritative the preventable ones. If you appetite to apprehend added about the homebrewing action and what it takes to accomplish beer at home, analysis out our guide.

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    Um…..temperature ascendancy during fermentation? It should be cardinal 1 on your list. CARDINAL 1! If you cannot body or buy a glycol chiller, you should NOT be attempting to accomplish beer, PERIOD.

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