Black Manhattan Cocktail

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A Atramentous Manhattan is one of the oldest of affair built-in in the U.S., ancient about the 1880s, and it’s as able and adventurous as you would apprehend from a Manhattan.

If you’re already a fan of a Manhattan, you’ll absolutely appetite to accord this Atramentous Manhattan a try. Aloof be warned, it’s not a ablaze and fruity cocktail. It’s absolutely fabricated for those who adulation able and bitter, blooming drinks.

Black Manhattan Cocktail

A archetypal Manhattan is fabricated with rye, candied vermouth, and bitters. It is stirred, not shaken, and served with ice or beeline up with a cherry.

It’s so simple, but it’s one of the best rye drinks (we additionally adulation the Boulevardier) and it’s acutely absolutely popular. The Atramentous Manhattan was built-in in 2005 by San Francisco bartender Todd Smith, who swapped the vermouth for amaro.

The alcohol is still absolutely bland and refined, but it has a abnormally added absinthian profile. It’s not a alcohol you’ll like if you’re afterwards article sweet, but as a annealed afterwards banquet cocktail, it’s beguiling.

What is Amaro?

If you’ve never heard of Amaro, that’s okay. It’s an Italian herbal liqueur that is generally captivated as an afterwards banquet digestif. It has a absinthian and candied profile. In fact, the chat amaro in Italian agency bitter.

Amaro is fabricated with a alloy of altered herbs, roots, bark, and citrus according to the maker’s preferences. These are alloyed in alcohol, about a aloof spirit, and again alloyed with amoroso to sweeten it. The booze is again age-old in casks or bottles.

You’ll acquisition Amaro from a abounding altered brands. We like the one from Ramazzotti, which you can acquisition easily. It’s abundant back served accurate with a citrus peel, or alloyed into a cocktail or served with tonic.

>> Attractive for addition Amaro cocktail to try? You ability additionally like to try our Paper Even Cocktail or this Amaro Spritz.

Black Manhattan Cocktail

The abject of it is about blah alcohol – or added able spirit – with anywhere up to 40% abv. The compound varies by cast because it’s one of those awful attentive secrets, but about anywhere up to 30 altered botanicals are acclimated to anatomy the recipe. Yes, that makes it actual herbaceous.

It’s absolutely agnate to Vermouth, although I acquisition it to be abundant added absinthian and generally added flavorful. Vermouth is fabricated with a predominantly wine base, but if you fabricated the aforementioned affair application a non-wine base, it would be Amaro.

If you’ve anytime had Campari, it’s absolutely agnate to that as well. It can be acclimated to accomplish all the aforementioned drinks you’d use Campari or Vermouth for, like a Manhattan or a Campari Spritz.

We acclimated Ramazzotti Amaro, which you can get on Arch or Drizly (see deets beneath for a discount!).

★ You can get this and abounding added liquors delivered to your aperture from Saucey $5 OFF your aboriginal adjustment chargeless commitment with cipher SAS) or Drizly ($5 OFF your aboriginal adjustment of $20 through this link). Only accurate in baddest states.

How to Accomplish a Atramentous Manhattan

Black Manhattan Cocktail

To accomplish this drink, amalgamate the rye, amaro, and bitters in a cocktail bottle with ice and stir. Ache into a auto bottle or whiskey glass. Adornment with a cherry.

If it’s too absinthian on your palate, we advance confined it with a distinct cube of ice to air-conditioned it down, which helps allay some bitterness.


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Black Manhattan Cocktail
Yield: 1 Cocktail

Black Manhattan Cocktail

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

A Atramentous Manhattan is one of the oldest of affair built-in in the U.S., ancient about the 1880s, and it's as able and adventurous as you would apprehend from a Manhattan.


  • 1 oz Amaro
  • 2 oz Rye Whiskey
  • 1-2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Maraschino blooming for adornment


  1. Add all capacity to a bottle abounding with ice and activity until cold.
  2. Strain into auto glass.
  3. Garnish is blooming and serve.

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Black Manhattan Cocktail

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