Drinking Toasts: How to Say Acclaim in 35 Altered Languages

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Do you apperceive how to say acclaim in Italian? How about Spanish? Analysis out the infographic beneath to see all the means you can use addition chat for acclaim back drinking.

Raising a bottle for a acknowledgment is a accepted experience, but it comes in abounding altered languages. In the Affiliated States and the Affiliated Kingdom, we say “Cheers!” as a bubbler toast. But anniversary country has a altered way to say cheers, announced in their own language.

Cheers in different languages
Cheers in altered languages

Before you biking about new, why not apprentice a new way to say acclaim in the accent of your destination? You’ll fit appropriate in at the table and maybe alike accomplish a few new friends.

We’ve aggregate 35 altered means to say acclaim in a fun infographic (below), so you consistently apperceive how to say it in added languages.

What Does Acclaim Absolutely Mean?

Saying “cheers” and clinking glasses is one of those accustomed traditions that we do after thinking. You may be apprehensive why we do it in the aboriginal place. The chat or byword acclimated in altered languages for “Cheers” has assorted translations, but they all backpack the aforementioned meaning.

We say “Cheers!” as we bang glasses afore demography a alcohol as a anatomy of acclaim – a gesture, or toast, acceptation “to bloom and happiness”. While there is no audible affidavit of the agent of this byword and gesture, it is said to accept been an ancient tradition.

The accepted accord is that it began as a way of anniversary someone, aloof as a acknowledgment still does, but that the commemoration of adage an busy acknowledgment angry into a beneath for of beat glasses and adulatory your adolescent drinkers acceptable cheer!

How to Say Acclaim in 35 Altered Languages

We’ve done a lot of traveling – conceivably you accept too – and we’re consistently accepting to clutter to attending up the adaptation for acclaim as we grab our aboriginal beer or cocktail in a altered country. Sure, we could aloof say “cheers” and no one would care, but it’s added fun to accompany the others and say it like you beggarly it.

For your accessibility (and ours), we’ve put calm this fun infographic with the byword you should use to say acclaim in 35 altered countries.

Notice that abounding countries say it the aforementioned way. Acclaim in Spanish is Salud, acclaim in Italian is Salute, and in Portugal it’s Saude. Skål, acceptation health, is acclimated in at atomic four altered countries.

Now back you’re drinking in Italy or Spain, you’ll apperceive what to say.

How to Say Acclaim in Abounding Languages (Infographic)

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Learn to say Acclaim in 35 altered languages (Savored Sips)

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Genatzt (Pronunciation: Guh knats)


Gān Bēi (Pronunciation: Gan bay)

Czech Republic

Na zdraví (Pronunciation: Naz-dravi)


Skál (Pronunciation: Sk-awl)


في صحتكم! Fe sahetekum (Pronunciation: Fee sah ha ti koom)




Terviseks (Pronunciation: Ter vee sex)


Santé (Pronunciation: San tay)


Gaumarjos (Pronunciation: Goo mar jōs)




Ya mas


Biba (Pronunciation: Bee ba)




Egészségére (Pronunciation: eggie-sheg-ear-a)


Skál (Pronunciation: Sk-awl)


Slánte (Pronunciation: Camber sha)


Address / Cin cin (Pronunciation: Sah-lutay / Button chin)


L’chaim (Pronunciation: L-high-m)


乾杯 / Kanpai (Pronunciation: Kan-pie)


건배 / Geonbae (Pronunciation: Gun-bae)


I sveikata (Pronunciation: Ee sway-kata)


Skál (Pronunciation: Sk-awl)


Mabuhay (Pronunciation: Ma-boo-hay)


Saúde (Pronunciation: Saw-oo-de)


Na zdrowie (Pronunciation – Naz-droh-vee-ay)


Noroc (Pronunciation: No-rock)


Будем здоровы/ На здоровье (Pronunciation – Budem zdorovi/ Na zdorovie)


Živeli (Pronunciation – Zhee-va-lee)


Na zdravie (Pronunciation: naz-draw-vee)


Na zdrave (Pronunciation: naz-draw-vee)


Salud (Pronunciation – Sah-lud)


Skål (Pronunciation – Skawl)


Chok dee


Şerefe (Pronunciation – Sher-i-feh)


будьмо (Pronunciation: Bood-mo)


Dô / Vô / Một hai ba, yo (one, two, three, yo) (Pronunciation – Jou / Dzo / Moat hi bah, yo)


Iechyd da (Pronunciation – Yeh-chid dah)

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Learn how to say Cheers in different languages
Learn how to say Acclaim in altered languages

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    I knew a few Laura but did not apperceive Thailand’s. Way cool. I assumption we were consistently bubbler baptize there to cotton-mouth from the backbreaking clamminess LOL.

  2. tadvana says:

    Cheers in India ( additional better country in the apple so adamantine to miss) is ‘salamat’ which about agency health

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      Thanks for abacus that. I’ve been told abounding times that there isn’t one way of adage acclaim in India. Although Salamat is acclimated in some places, not in others.

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