EdgeStar Kegerator KC2000 Review

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The top-selling kegerator from Edgestar is the Edgestar KC2000. It is an entry-level kegerater that will clothing the needs of best bodies who are attractive for a full-size kegerator for homebrew or bartering beer dispensing.

If you don’t appetite to absorb a lot of money to get a added able-bodied system, again this one ability be your winner. At about $400 – $500, the Edgestar KC2000 is a absurd deal.

The Edgestar dual-tap KC2000 was my aboriginal kegerator purchase. It’s glassy attractive and slim, so it fit able-bodied in our active allowance after attractive out of abode or clunky. In fact, it was adamantine to apprehension it was alike there, so you don’t charge to worry about it continuing out like a abscessed deride in your house.

The best allotment about this kegerator is that its reliable and has bartering brand NSF-approved air and beer curve that accept met austere standards for aliment and accessible bloom safety. There are a few drawbacks to the KC2000.

One is that it produces absolutely a bit of noise. If you accept it stored in a basement or garage, you apparently won’t apprehension it at all, but in a quiet setting, like a active room, you will apprehension the apparent cycling of the machine. It can additionally aftermath a bustling babble from the amplification of the parts.

If you appointment that issue, it’s best to acquaintance Edgestar for a allotment that will fix the issue. Overall, this is a reliable access kegerator. It doesn’t accept a lot of accretion and whistles (lacks centralized lighting and a absolute temperature ascendancy gauge), but for the amount it is a acceptable amount and is accessible to set up, additional operates with actual little maintenance.

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Size Considerations

This kegerator has an alien dimension, including the abstract belfry of 48 1/2″ H x 20 1/10″ W x 24 13/16″ D. It’s consistently astute to admeasurement the amplitude you accept at home and accomplish abiding the kegerator will fit with a little bit of added amplitude on all sides. Accumulate in apperception that you charge alike added amplitude abaft the apparatus for the CO2 tank.

Included Apparatus of the Edgestar Kegerator

  • Domestic “D” articulation for use with approved bartering kegs
  • CO2 regulator with easy-to-read burden gauge
  • New (but empty) 5lb. aluminum CO2 tank
  • Stainless animate abstract belfry with faucet
  • Beer and gas lines
  • A two-piece dribble tray and metal assurance rail
  • Generic atramentous artificial tap handle
  • The assemblage has castors and a careful metal attic bowl for durability.
  • External CO2 catchbasin mount
  • Ewo centralized racks (for use as a refrigerator)

The alone affair you’ll absolutely charge to acquirement as an add on to this kit is the articulation for application homebrew kegs (if you’ll be accomplishing that).

Here is a video and other accession information accessible from Edgestar that will advice you with the bureaucracy and installation.

Edgestar KC2000 Keg Configurations

One of the things you should absolutely accede back affairs a kegerator is the agreement of kegs that you will be using. The Edgestar KC2000 doesn’t abutment the use of bisected kegs of Coors and Miller, or any keg that has elastic about the keg, authoritative it too advanced for this kegerator.

  • Full Admeasurement Keg, 1/2 Barrel
  • Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel
  • Slim-Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel
  • Up to two 1/6 Barrel kegs
  • Up to two Cornelius homebrew kegs

The KC2000 comes in a ambit of options: a single tap with black or stainless-steel finish (KC2000SS), a dual tap and a amateur tap. Some adaptation alike accommodate a agenda thermometer, admitting the basal KC2000 does not.

Does the Edgestar Kegerator Not Get Algid Enough?

One of the capital apropos with a kegerator is whether it can ability a low abundant temperature to arctic the beer to your adapted temperature, and you don’t accept to anguish about that with the KC2000. It can ability temperatures in the low 30s to 50s, so it can be changed to bout the blazon of beer you currently accept on tap.

The Edgestar kegerator thermostat acclimation action is easy. I don’t apperceive about you, but I adopt my beer to be served at the able temperature. Edgestar claims that this is the coldest kegerator on the market. Accumulate in apperception that this kegerator is meant for calm use alone and may not action appropriately if stored or acclimated outside, or in abnormally humid, algid or hot environments.

If the kegerator isn’t accepting algid enough, according to your temperature gauge, Edgestar abutment will accommodate apprenticeship on how to fix that issue.

Edgestar KC2000 FAQs

When authoritative a acquirement of this size, you appetite to be absolutely abiding you’ve answered all of your afire questions and apperceive absolutely what you’re getting. Actuality are a few top questions that are generally asked about the Edgestar KC2000.

Q: Can the KC2000 be acclimated outside?
A: This assemblage is for calm use only.

Q: Can it be congenital in to the cabinetry about it?
A: No, this assemblage is meant to be freestanding only. If you appetite a congenital unit, you charge to advancement to the KC7000SS.

Q: Is there annihilation abroad I charge to acquirement added to use this kegerator?
A: This kegerator comes complete with aggregate you need, except for a CO2 brazier and a keg of beer! There is annihilation abroad you charge to buy to use it.

Q: How continued will a keg of beer break beginning in this kegerator?
A: A keg of beer about stays beginning for about 6-8 weeks back kept beneath the appropriate burden and temperature. We’ve been able to go up to 12 weeks advancement freshness.

Q: What are the ambit of this kegerator?
A: The kegerator has a abyss of 24.813, a acme of 48.5 and amplitude of 20.1. It weighs 81.6 lbs.

  • Easy accumulation and use
  • Once adapted properly, CO2 and temperature break consistent
  • Lots of included accessories agency acceptable amount for money
  • Does not abutment the use of oversized-rubber ¼ butt kegs and beveled-wall ¼ butt kegs.
  • Adjustment of the thermostat to ability the adapted temperature is necessary.
  • No centralized ablaze source
  • Non-precise temperature ascendancy dial


Many bodies affirm by the Edgestar cast and absolutely adulation this kegerator. It’s a acceptable amount for money, and it’s a reliable refrigerator. If you anytime accept an affair with it, chump account is fast to acknowledgment and accommodating to advice troubleshoot issues.

It absolutely comes bottomward to what you’ll be application it for and how abundant allowance you accept for it. If it fits your needs, we anticipate this is a good, reliable home kegerator option.

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8 thoughts on “EdgeStar Kegerator KC2000 Review

  1. Raul says:

    I bought this kegerator and acclimated it for the aboriginal time, I caked two pints of beer and back I went to cascade my third pint the 5lb co2 catchbasin was already empty

    • Laura says:

      Sounds like you accept a aperture in your lines. You can suss out a aperture by spraying bubbling baptize on all the spots area the hoses connect. We had this affair with ours too at first. It can be difficult to get it set up appropriately so the gas doesn’t leak.

  2. Mike GAMBOA Moreno Basin can. says:

    I’m [email protected] and I ADULATION my Edgestar 2000 I’m on my 5ft Keg and never had any problems it’s ICE ALGID at 32degree bigger than can or canteen I got added accompany again I can handle ALOOF ADULATION IT.

  3. Jim Stallings says:

    I am aggravating to acquisition out if I can put the CO2 on the central like the assemblage I am replacing. I see some places say YES and others say NO. Thanks!

    • Laura says:

      Hi Jim, it actually depends on the admeasurement and centralized accommodation of your kegerator. You actually can put the CO2 catchbasin inside, as continued as it fits.

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