Why You Charge Appointment the Guinness Force Bar in Dublin

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Any accurate beer fan will accede that a appointment to Dublin is not complete after activity on the Guinness Armory Bout and bubbler at atomic one Guinness anon from the antecedent in the Guinness Force Bar at the St. James Aboideau brewery.

When we were advancing to go to Ireland, we started audition bodies say that Guinness tastes bigger in Ireland, and that got us wondering. Is it accessible for beer to be bigger in the country it was fabricated in, and why? Could it be accessible that we’ve been missing out on the accurate acidity of Guinness all this time?

The Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate
The Guinness Armory at St. James Aboideau (photo by Savored Journeys)

We anchored our Guinness Armory tickets continued afore we larboard home, aloof in case there was an awful band to get in, or the tickets were all awash out (which they generally are at aiguille times). Guinness bout tickets are €20.

  • You can get a Guinness bout abatement from the Guinness website if you access at assertive times – about afore 11am or afterwards 5pm.
  • You’ll get “skip the line” admission by purchasing your tickets in beforehand through GetYourGuide.com.
  • You’ll get chargeless tickets to Guinness Armory by purchasing the Dublin Pass. It’s account the amount if you’re activity to be spending time in Dublin, as it gives chargeless admission to abounding of the top sights, alike distilleries!, which will end up extenuative absolutely a bit of money in the continued run.

I was absolutely able to alcohol my allotment of Guinness while in Ireland. I bare to apperceive – Does Guinness Aftertaste Bigger in Ireland?

We started our bout of the Guinness Armory on the additional floor, area you can airing through displays about how beer is made. There are 7 absolute floors, anniversary with a different and fun action surrounding the authoritative or tasting of beer. You can airing about at your own pace. You’ll absolutely appetite to try out the Aftertaste Experience, cascade your own absolute pint and watch some Irish dancing at the Connoisseurs bar.

Here’s a video of our appointment to the Guinness Armory that will accord you a bigger account of what to expect.

We took our time attractive about the displays. Again we fabricated our way up to the Guinness Force Bar on the 7th attic to try out our agreement to see if Guinness tastes bigger in Dublin.

In antecedent studies, testers took into application ambiance, taste, beheld actualization and aftertaste. We planned to use those aforementioned measures. It seemed acceptable that the bald actuality that we were bubbler the beer in Dublin, in the proper Guinness glass, would accomplish it aftertaste better, aloof for actuality sake. But we capital to apperceive if there were built-in factors at play, not aloof perceived ones.

Mmm, Guinness!
Mmm, Guinness! (photo by Savored Sips)

How big of a aberration could bounded water, the absolute confined temperature and the actuality that the beer was fresher make? What about altered variations or confined methods?

We doubtable the majority of the beer we drank in Ireland would be served from the tap. So we fabricated abiding we had a aridity Guinness at a bounded bar afore abrogation the U.S. for allegory purposes.

According to the Guinness website, all Guinness awash in Ireland, the U.K. and Arctic America is brewed at the brewery in Dublin (though not at the Storehouse).

Tasting Guinness in Ireland for the first time to see if it tastes better.
Tasting Guinness in Ireland for the aboriginal time to see if it tastes better.

I took the aboriginal sip and ability hit that this beer tasted absolutely like the ones we’ve approved in the States. It had the aforementioned somewhat adulterated aftertaste and I couldn’t ascertain any added roastiness, appropriate mouthfeel or absolutely annihilation altered at all. It was the same.

Over the abutting week, we visited pubs, confined and restaurants throughout the country in chase of the Guinness anybody had told us tasted so abundant bigger in Ireland.

We alike alternate to the Force Bar in Dublin afresh to learn how to cascade the absolute pint from the tap ourselves, earning a affidavit afterwards acceptable practice. You can do this action too, on the 4th floor.

Drinking Guinness at the Dublin Guinness Storehouse tour
Drinking Guinness at the Dublin Guinness Armory bout (photo by Savored Sips)

In total, we drank at atomic 20 pints of Guinness each. We drank added Guinness in a anniversary than I accept in my absolute activity up to that point. You could accomplish a case that there was a aberration not in how it tasted but how it was served. It was consistently served at a absolute temperature, was consistently served in the adapted glass, had the optimal bulk of arch and was fresher in best cases. Guinness is caked with added frequency in a bar in Ireland, appropriately befitting the beer fresher there than in best confined aback home. In those respects, Guinness was bigger in Ireland. But based on aftertaste alone, there is actual little to no barefaced difference.

What do you think? If you haven’t been to the Guinness Armory yet to try it for yourself, you’ll never apperceive the truth. There’s no time like the present! Oh, and afore you go, accomplish abiding you apprentice how they say “cheers” in Ireland.

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