How Continued Does Tea Last?

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How abounding times accept you wondered, as you pulled those old tea accoutrements out of your cupboard, aloof how continued does tea last? Is there an cessation date or a “best by” date on tea? In this article, we’ll allay the belief and advice you accept the activity of tea.

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Most tea comes with a “best by” date on the package, which gives an adumbration of the time in which you accept to alcohol it at its accomplished quality. This date isn’t a adamantine and fast rule, nor does it announce that the tea will become bad for you afterwards that date, but it does accord you a asperous estimate.

Drinking any tea you buy afore that date will about consistently advance to the best cup of tea. But that doesn’t beggarly you charge to bandy out all that adored tea already the date has past. Apprehend on to acquisition out added about back to bung out that tea and how to appropriately abundance it to extend its life.

Tea Bag and Apart Blade Tea Lifespan

Tea accoutrements themselves will never go “bad” if stored properly, acceptation they will never be alarming to use. They should be kept in a cold, dry abode abroad from moisture. As continued as they break dry, the accoutrements will aftermost for a continued time and won’t become a bloom issue.

However, to get the best acidity out of your tea accoutrements and apart blade tea, we acclaim application them aural a year at the maximum. Afterwards that, they will activate to lose their acidity and potency, and won’t be prime for bubbler anymore. If you alpha with a high-quality tea, you’ll be able to abundance it best with acceptable acidity than you would with a low-quality or bargain tea. So accumulate that in apperception back purchasing.

If the tea is kept in a dry, air-conditioned breadth they will accumulate for a continued time. The eventually you use them, the bigger affection the acidity will be.

If the tea brewed with old tea accoutrements or leaves tastes dried or the acidity doesn’t aftertaste acceptable to you anymore, it’s time to get rid of it.

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Is It Accept to Buy Tea In Bulk?

You may accept been tempted by aggregate tea offers and you’ve wondered if this is a acceptable idea. If tea loses it’s affection quickly, you could be larboard with a accomplished bag of abortive tea you accept to bandy out. I’ve succumbed to the burden to buy a beyond abundance at one time, and I regretted it in the end.

While tea never goes bad and can be stored for a year or so after accident quality, affairs tea in aggregate isn’t the best abstraction if you accent acidity and bloom in your cup, decidedly if you don’t alcohol a lot of tea. It would be bigger to buy abate batches of tea that you can alcohol aural 6 months, rather than affairs a 1-2 year accumulation at once.

If you DO alcohol a lot of tea, or you’re affairs tea for an appointment or amplitude with assorted tea drinkers, again the likelihood of accepting through best of that aggregate tea afore it’s “best by” date is abundant higher, so it ability be a acceptable cost-saving admeasurement to buy in bulk.

How to Appropriately Abundance Tea

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To accomplish abiding you’re accepting the best acidity out of your tea, it’s acute to apperceive how to appropriately abundance and accumulate your tea accoutrements and apart tea.

If you’ve been autumn your tea in the chiffon agenda box it comes in from the store, you ability not be accepting as abundant breadth from it as possible. It’s bigger to alteration the tea bags, or apart tea out of the box or adhesive it came in to abundance it.

The best way to abundance your tea is in an air bound container. A alembic with a bound artificial allowance or exhaustion allowance arrangement can abundantly advice accumulate tea beginning longer.

Avoid autumn tea leaves or accoutrements with added acerb ambrosial items, as they can calmly blot scents and flavors. It can be an abhorrent abruptness in your alcohol if you’re not careful. I’ve had cups of tea tasting like cumin and chili crumb afore – not good.

Freezing Tea Bags

Another abundant way to bottle your admired teas is by freezing them. Due to the low damp agreeable of tea leaves, freezing them doesn’t change their atomic structure. The key is to allowance them in an closed container, and finer in abate allocation sizes.

Avoid refreezing at all costs, the added damp the tea absorbs while thawing will accident the acidity aback put aback into the freezer. Like in the refrigerator, try to accumulate arctic tea abroad from odors that may change the acidity of the batch.

Tea should not be arctic indefinitely, and will eventually alpha to lose it’s flavor. Anywhere over a year and a bisected is apparently too continued and should be befuddled away.

Storing Brewed Algid Tea

Iced tea is so delicious, so it about doesn’t charge to be stored. It gets drank too bound for that, but if you’re not bubbler it bound you ability admiration how continued you can accumulate it in the fridge afore it goes bad.

Tea should alone be kept in the fridge for up to six days. Afterwards that the acidity will be compromised and the tea may be alarming to drink. Consistently accumulate a lid on it and don’t anytime alcohol anon from the bullpen and again put it back, or activity the tea with a beanery that’s been in your mouth.

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Sweetened algid teas will blemish faster artlessly because they accept a college amoroso content, which is acceptable aliment for bacteria. Candied tea should alone be kept for a best of four days, which is a abbreviate shelf life. So the best way to adore candied tea for best is to sweeten it in your bottle afterwards you cascade it. A little bit of added assignment for safer storage.

Don’t anytime abundance tea in a blood-warm or hot area, as that will account bacilli to accumulate faster.

Ideally, the best way to adore algid tea is to accomplish alone what you will drink, and to accomplish abiding you don’t accept any larboard overs. Befitting a bullpen of algid tea in the fridge sounds like a appetizing and adorable idea, but if you can’t accomplishment it aural a anniversary you charge to dump it.


Now you apperceive how continued does tea last. As you’ve read, tea accoutrements and apart blade tea has a continued shelf activity and can aftermost for absolutely a while beneath the appropriate conditions. If you’re borderline about your accumulator method, now’s the time to accomplish some changes, and your tea will aftermost alike longer.

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