Best Wineries in Rioja to Visit

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Located in the arctic allotment of Spain, La Rioja is one of the country’s best acclaimed wine regions. Visiting Rioja wineries is a appropriate amusement for wine lovers, abnormally if you can go in the abatement back the leaves are alteration in the vineyard.

The angle over the accouterment are additional to known, and there are abounding wineries in the breadth who acceptable visitors with big smiles and accessible apartment doors.

La Rioja, Spain
La Rioja, Spain

If you already apperceive a bit about Rioja, again it won’t abruptness you that Tempranillo and Granacha grapes abound abundantly there, arch to the bright, fruit-forward wines that are archetypal of La Rioja.

Additionally, the Graciano and Mazuelo grapes are acclimated in abounding of the wines of Rioja. One of the things we adulation so abundant about this arena is that the grapes varietals are altered than the accepted suspects.

That makes anniversary tasting agitative and new, as you ascertain the flavors of these different grapes. The region’s wine-making attitude spans aback to Roman times. While the practices accept acquired with avant-garde machines and conveniences, you can still feel the ages-old history of wine authoritative in the cellars of Rioja.

La Rioja Cellar

Many cellars in the breadth are congenital abysmal beneath the city, with continued corridors of underground caves. It’s a afterimage to see, abnormally back you glimpse a alpine assemblage of bottles that accept been crumbling in the apartment for decades and are now growing mounds of mold.

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About La Rioja

Rioja was the aboriginal arena in Spain to be awarded DO (Denominación de Origen) cachet in 1970. La Rioja is disconnected into three zones: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa.

Since anniversary acreage artifice is so small, abounding wineries alloy grapes from anniversary of these areas into their wines. Single-region wines are best at assuming the differences in terroir of anniversary of the three regions.

You’ll acquisition a few altered selections of wine from Rioja, starting with Joven (young wine that has been age-old for beneath than a year in oak), Crianza (which has about been age-old for two years – at atomic one in oak), and Gran Reserva (which has been age-old the longest – at atomic two years in oak and 3 years in canteen – and is the best announcement of the winery.

Rioja wines are accessible to alcohol back purchased, clashing wine from added areas that crave added crumbling in the canteen to be drinkable.

Bodega Ostatu, a family-owned winery
Bodega Ostatu, a family-owned winery (photo by Savored Sips)

Wine Tasting in Rioja

You consistently charge a catch to appointment Rioja wineries. Plan to accomplish a catch at atomic a day or two in advance, or best during apathetic periods, like about the holidays.

You can accomplish a catch by calling or emailing the winery. Some additionally accept online forms you can ample out with your request. Addition way to accomplish your winery affairs is to ask the babysitter at the auberge area you’re blockage to accomplish the affairs for you.

When you appointment a bodega in Rioja, you can apprehend to booty a bout of the facilities, which lasts about an hour, followed by a wine tasting of their called wines. All in, you can apprehend to absorb about 2 hours at anniversary winery.

For this reason, you can alone accomplish it to a best of 3-4 wineries per day, depending on how austere you appetite to be about it.

wine tasting in la Rioja

You accept to agency in affluence of time for active amid wineries, as well. Rarely do bodegas action a tasting-only option, area you can aloof stop in and aftertaste their wines, but there are a few in case you don’t appetite to go on a agglomeration of winery tours. In Haro, wineries like Muga, Roda and Cune all action a bead in advantage for tasting.

Their cellars are actual old and fascinating, so I advance accomplishing a bout of at atomic one of those wineries, but if you don’t accept time or aloof appetite to aftertaste some of their wines, you can aloof pop in. Rioja is a ample wine arena and it’s breach up into abate growing zones alleged Alta, Baja and Alavesa.

There are bodegas of absorption to wine tourists in anniversary of these areas, but best tourists tend to centermost themselves in Alavesa. Back you get there, you acceptable won’t be able to acquaint the regions afar from anniversary added anyway, so don’t anguish too abundant about what arena you’re in.

Bodega Luis Cana's wine tasting room
Bodega Luis Cana’s wine tasting allowance (photo by Savored Sips)

Rioja Wine Tours

It is almost accessible to plan your own self-guided wine bout of Rioja. You will charge to hire a car and drive yourself about (sip and spit!), but the anchorage are actual acceptable and accessible to navigate. Google maps formed abundant to get us from abode to abode after accepting lost.

In abounding cases, you can alike aces an breadth to bout that has abounding wineries amassed calm so you don’t accept to do abundant driving. However, if you don’t appetite to plan your own trip, or do the active yourself, again an organized Rioja wine bout ability be the way to go.

Bodegas You Should Appointment for Wine Tasting in Rioja

Now, let’s get bottomward to it. Which wineries (bodegas) should you appointment in Rioja? I like to array calm the wineries into easy-to-visit clusters. In Rioja, it’s simple to do this, and you can save yourself a lot of active if you do.

Here are some suggestions for area to aftertaste wine in Rioja.

The wine cellar and caves at CVNE in Haro.
The wine apartment and caves at CVNE in Haro (photo by Savored Sips)

Wineries in Haro

As I ahead mentioned, there are a lot of wineries in Haro (the basic of Rioja wine). You can esplanade your car at the parking lot abreast CVNE, and again airing about to the assorted wineries. They are aural accessible walking ambit of anniversary other.

The wine cellars of Eguren Ugarte
The wine cellars of Eguren Ugarte (photo by Savored Sips)

Wineries abreast Laguardia

The baby medieval boondocks of Laguardia is amid up on a acropolis in Rioja Alava. If you like walking about absorbing towns, you charge stop there. Abundant places to eat lunch, too! For the wineries about Laguardia, you can’t airing between, but you alone charge about 10 account to get amid them.

Marques de Murrieta wine tasting
Marques de Murrieta wine tasting (photo by Savored Sips)

Wineries abreast Logrono

A abundant abode to abject yourself while visiting La Rioja is the burghal of Logrono. It’s has a lot of amenities for travelers, so you’re abiding to acquisition affluence of places to eat and drinks. We ADULATION the pinchos clamber – which takes abode at cafeteria and banquet every day on Calle Laurel.

As continued as you accept a car, you can calmly drive from Logrono to the added areas area there are clusters of wineries. We awful acclaim the Auberge Calle Mayor, if you’re attractive for about abundant to break in Logrono.

Marques de Riscal hotel and winery
Marques de Riscal auberge and winery (photo by Savored Sips)

Other Abundant Bodegas to Visit

There are a few bodegas that are not amassed with others that I anticipate are abundant to visit. You can maybe put them into Google Maps and see which array you appetite to add them too, or aloof appointment them on a abstracted day.

  • Bodegas Marques De Riscal in Elciego – this is area you’ll acquisition the absurd auberge advised by allegorical architect Frank Gehry. Abundant abode to break (if expensive). And they additionally accept a 1-star Michelin restaurant on sight.
  • Bodegas Vivanco – this winery is absolutely a foundation that offers abounding altered adventures on sight. They accept a wine building that is actual abundant account a visit. They accept a restaurant that serves absurd aliment – alike wine bond lunches. It can booty absolutely a bit of time to appointment the winery, accept cafeteria and see the museum, so be prepared.


With all of these recommendations, you should break active visiting Rioja wineries for abounding days! If you accept any added questions about the area, let us know. We’re blessed to help!

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